Using Software Resell Rights to Sell Software

This article will help you learn about software resell rights, how to resell software for profit, or how to find partners to resell your software. Done right, software reselling can accelerate profits for both developer and reseller.

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What Are Software Resell Rights?

In software reselling, the software developer makes software available for other people to resell, either as-is or with their own branding or even their own modifications. Depending on the scenario, there could just be an up-front cost to purchase the software for reselling (as in many cheap online software packages), or an ongoing percentage on each sale (as in traditional software resellers ).

I've gotten a number of questions about software resell rights and software reselling, such as:

  • I am not a software developer but I would like to sell software online. Is the easiest way to purchase and resell someone else's software?
  • I am a software developer, but I need help to sell my software. How do I do that with software resellers, or by offering software resell rights to my package?
  • How is software reselling different from participating in a software affiliate program?

Doing a Google search for "software resale" or "reselling software" brings up many results with sites that offer software available for resale. However, it's a good idea to do your homework because reselling software is not as easy as some of these sites make it seem. Likewise, working with resellers is not a guaranteed way to sell your software if it is not selling well already.

As with any business, selling software successfully requireseffective marketing, positioning, and understanding of your target customer base. 

Reselling Software for Profit

It is possible to build a business selling software, even if you don't develop software yourself, by using software resell rights.

It is fairly easy to find software available to resell or rebrand, but make sure you try it out yourself – this will help ensure a strong product that you feel good about selling, and it will help you properly position the benefits to your target audience.

Secondly, make sure you can develop a unique selling proposition to differentiate yourself from the other resellers of that software out there. For example, you could make some changes to the software or to the branding, bundle it with other value-add products, offer training or value-add services in addition to the software, etc.

To be successful, you still need to do the work to understand your target customer base, develop an effective marketing strategy, and execute your software marketing plan. You will also need a good, professional web site with lots of useful content using SEO to pull plenty of traffic from the search engines. This is true whether you plan to resell software, or drive commission from selling software as an affiliate.

Using Resellers to Sell Your Software

If you develop your own software, but would like to increase your software sales by reselling through a broader channel, then providing software resell rights may be the answer. You might also want to consider developing an affiliate program for your software.

There are a number of ways to provide your software for resale:

  • reselling as-is (with your branding and a license which allows resale),
  • re-branding (where you add the customer's logo or other brand identity into the package and documentation),
  • licensing the actual source code (so the customer can modify as they wish), or
  • customizing the software for each client.

Pricing can also vary depending on your business model. In the case of low-priced online software packages, they typically involve a one-time fee for the software and resale rights. But you could also choose to have the reseller pay a certain percentage per sale, or royalties.

If you are considering working with an established software reseller, then take a look at this article for more advice on working with a software reseller or distributor.

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