Software Proposal Template

Create Compelling Software Sales Proposals

Download our Software Proposal Template to quickly and easily create compelling sales proposals for your software product or service.

A professional software proposal shows prospective clients that you take their needs seriously, that you focus on high-quality, professional deliverables, and that you have a proven track record.

Our Software Sales Proposal Template includes:

  • 12-page professional proposal presentation template in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 5-page proposal template and outline in Microsoft Word
  • Guidebook on “How to Write a Winning Business Proposal”

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software proposal template

Download Now for Just $9.95!

This easy-to-use template will help you create a software proposal with a clear goal, and will answer your customer's key questions:

The goal of your software proposal should be to persuade your prospective customer to select your product or service. The best proposals clearly articulate how the proposed solution meets the customer's needs, describe tangible benefits to the customer, and give a single specific action for the customer to move forward toward the purchase.

The proposal must answer the following questions as concisely as possible:

  • WHAT are you proposing?
  • HOW do you plan to deliver the proposed solution?
  • WHEN you will complete the delivery?
  • HOW MUCH will it cost?
  • WHY the customer should move forward with the proposed solution?

Don't be tempted to include too much detail in your proposal. Successful proposals include just enough detail to convince the customer to buy, but not too much. Make it easy to read, but be sure to cover all the items above. Include just enough information on each item to convince the customer to move forward with a purchase decision. You can provide additional detail to follow or as backup in a Statement of Work.

Our Software Sales Proposal Template is designed to cover these specific requirements in a format that is clear and concise. It will help you highlight your strengths, show your customer that you understand their requirements, and clearly describe the benefits they will receive from the proposed solution.

software proposal template

Download Now for Just $9.95!

Software Proposal Template: Table of Contents

Cover page

Executive Summary


Current State / Problem Description

Proposed Approach


Implementation Plan




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