Software Marketing Tool Kit

Do you wish you had a software marketing tool that would help you decide on the best way to market and sell your software product, solution or tech service? 

The Software Marketing Advisor 7-Step Toolkit provides everything you need to optimize your sales and marketing strategy in a single package - templates, how-to guides, worksheets and checklists. The toolkit includes access to all of the items in our Seven Steps Marketing Store.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • How do I decide if a given marketing opportunity is worth my investment of time and money?
  • What type of marketing should I be doing?  What is a waste of time or money?
  • How should I allocate a marketing budget?
  • How can I measure the ROI of my marketing expenses?
  • Where should I focus my sales efforts for maximum results?

What if You Could Easily Choose the Best Ways to Market Your Software?

Follow the 7-step process to quickly create a marketing strategy aligned with business goals.

Be able to make fast decisions about which marketing opportunities to focus on.

Stop wasting time and money on marketing efforts that don't drive business.

Easily plan your marketing budget and measure the ROI of sales and marketing efforts.

ABOUT The Software Marketing Tool Kit

Are you: 

  • Struggling with the prioritization of sales & marketing activities for your software company?  
  • Unsure how to allocate a marketing budget?  
  • In need of an analytical decision process for marketing opportunities?

 Our Software Marketing Toolkit will help leaders of software or technology companies align marketing and sales tactics to business goals, using our 7-Step Marketing Strategy process.  

Learn more about the 7-Step Process

Software Marketing Challenges

Most small tech businesses don't have a full-time marketing strategy person. Even with a marketing specialist to help with logistics and execution, the responsibility of marketing planning usually falls to the business owner who is already wearing far too many hats, and has no training or expertise in marketing strategy.

Software and technology business owners, in particular, are often analytical types who see sales and marketing as fuzzy and foreign. We aim to help tech business leaders understand that marketing and sales strategy is an analytical process. With the right tools, they can easily apply this process to their business.

Some of the most common marketing challenges include:

  • How to decide if a given marketing opportunity is a good investment of time and money?
  • How to measure the value or ROI of a marketing investment?
  • How to properly allocate marketing budget?
  • What type of marketing should they be doing? What is a waste of time or money?
  • Where should sales efforts be focused for maximum results?
  • What partnership opportunities can drive scale in marketing?

Ingredients of a strong software marketing strategy

What does it take to develop a strong software marketing strategy?

As a business leader, you probably already have a good understanding of your customers, your market ecosystem (other companies in your market segment), and your product/service value proposition.  However, you may be lacking the right process and methodologies to pull it all together into a cohesive marketing strategy.

With the Software Marketing Toolkit, you follow along with our proven 7-step process to combine your business knowledge with our marketing tools and templates to produce an optimized marketing strategy that you can use to inform and direct all your marketing decisions.

Our proprietary 7-step Marketing Strategy Process is based on over 20 years of experience in technology marketing strategy and planning.  We have used this system successfully with dozens of software and services companies to help them optimize their marketing.  Now, with the Toolkit we will help you apply this same process step-by-step to your business.

The Software Marketing Toolkit combines guides, templates and worksheets to easily optimize your sales and marketing, plus optional training / mentoring.

The toolkit includes:

  • 7-step Marketing Program eBook
  • Marketing Plan Templates
  • Marketing Strategy & Messaging Worksheets
  • 7-step Program Checklist
  • 100 Marketing Activities master list
  • Guide to defining your optimal Software or SaaS Business Model
  • Guide on how to write a marketing plan
  • Software proposal template to drive successful software sales to B2B clients
  • 30% discount on marketing consulting services
  • Optional: biweekly group training
  • Optional: weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions

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