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Featured Question:

Q: What kind of course would be best for offshore software services sales?

A: To be honest, the best way to learn about how to sell software or software development services is by getting experience in the field. Selling offshore software services is not fundamentally different from selling other types of software or services... except the value proposition is usually a low-cost one.

The most important thing to know about how to sell software (particularly selling software to the business customer) is that it is a solution sale: you are selling a solution to a customer's problem, not a list of features or capabilities/skillsets. So your best choices for sales training would be courses that teach solution selling with as much real-life examples and hands-on exposure as possible.

For our specific recommendations on software sales training, take a look at the full answer here.

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Other Software Marketing Tips

Q: Can you please list out the various digital marketing activities that could be adopted for software enterprises?

A: There are many digital marketing activities available for software enterprises, and most are very affordable options especially for smaller software firms and those that sell primarily online.

In general, these are my main recommended areas to focus on for internet marketing of software products and solutions:

  1. SEO - make sure you're following proper use of keywords, meta tags, and building inbound links to your website.
  2. Blog - you should have a blog on your website that is updated regularly, and participate in other blog discussions and comments.
  3. Participate in forums & discussion groups, including links to your website where appropriate (don't spam!)
  4. Write articles and publish white papers online
  5. Issue online press releases
  6. Advertising: PPC or online classified advertising relevant to your niche.
  7. Webinars and virtual trade shows
  8. Get listed in directories - both general ones, and online software directories relevant to your niche
  9. Newsletter & email marketing (always opt-in)

You can find more detail on these internet software marketing tips in this article on web software marketing.

Q: I'm working in an IT services company. Right now the market is very slow for us. I would like some tips for marketing: How can I capture clients in this period?

A: Marketing in slow times can present all firms with some unique challenges, including those of us in software and IT services. The most important thing is to remember two key items:

First, focus on building relationships with your top customers (they are your best prospects for future sales) and understand how the market environment is impacting them and their needs.

Second, make sure your messaging includes a clear short-term ROI or immediate business benefit to your customers. When business is slow, customers are focused on spending to meet their immediate needs only. Anything else is a "nice to have" and is likely to be postponed until business is better.

For more ideas for cost-effective software marketing in a slow market, check out this article.

Q: What do you think is the likelihood of a SaaS model hybrid, single tenant, single instance software (customized per client) being successful in the enterprise marketplace?

A: It may be best to stop thinking in terms of SaaS versus software license, and think in terms of the best way to deliver your solution to your customer to maximize the benefits to them and profit to you... (for more click here).

Q: How can we be sure that we are focusing our software marketing budget in the right places? We create brochures, but the sales team doesn’t use them. Moreover, the leads we’re getting from our direct mail campaign don’t seem to be turning into sales. Do you have any tips?

A: First, you need to make sure your marketing tactics (the specific marketing activities that you fund or spend time on) are aligned with a documented marketing strategy that supports your business plan. Without these, you are shooting in the dark. If you need a little objective knowledgeable insight, does offer a very reasonable fixed price marketing plan review service (you can check that out here) or by-the-hour consulting to provide custom software marketing tips and help.

Q: What is Software-as-a-Service or SaaS? Should we move our software to a SaaS offering?

A: SaaS is a software business model in which customers pay a monthly or recurring fee… (for more click here)

Q: How important is it for a software company to exhibit at tradeshows? They’re so expensive it takes a big chunk of my marketing budget to just have a presence every year.

A: Tradeshows are definitely less important now than they used to be. Before deciding… (for more click here)

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You can also check out this article for some top software marketing tips on developing your marketing plan.

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