Marketing Your Software Consulting Business

Whether you are an executive at an established software consulting business, or a programmer who has decided to strike out on your own in freelance software development, keep reading for some helpful marketing tips and tools.

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Growing a software consulting business

A typical software development consulting company may be bootstrapped in the early stages, relying on network and word-of-mouth for software development projects and referrals.

Early on, there may not be a need for extensive business planning or strategy. However, if the business is to grow to a successful software development consulting company then it is imperative to develop a solid computer consulting business plan.

As time goes on and the business grows (or you outgrow your initial customer base) there is a need to start actively marketing and selling your software consulting services.

Early-stage software consulting firms often don’t have an on-staff marketer, yet marketing and selling IT services really requires expertise and knowledge in the relevant technical field.

Planning Your Marketing Strategy

We use a 7-step process to plan a targeted marketing strategy, and you should too.  You can read more about the 7-step process by downloading our ebook.

Here's a summary of the seven steps to follow:

  1. Understand your Customer - make a detailed persona of your target client.
  2. Analyze the Market - know your total available market, market growth and key trends.
  3. Know your Competition - research and assess their strengths and weaknesses. 
  4. Research Partners & Channels - are there other companies to collaborate with?
  5. Define Your Marketing Mix - Product, Price, Place and Promotion.
  6. Analyze the Financials - your marketing budget.
  7. Review and Revise continuously

Challenges of marketing a tech consulting firm

The challenge is that most early-stage software consulting firms don’t have an on-staff marketer. And marketing and selling IT services really requires expertise and knowledge in the relevant technical field.

Useful Downloads

Our Software Marketing Plan package provides templates and worksheets to help you put together a professional marketing strategy and plan for your tech services or software business.

Learn more about the Software Marketing Plan package.


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