Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

The best marketing strategies for technology companies are those that communicate the benefit of your technology solution to the audience that most needs it, in language that really resonates with them.

Marketing strategy for tech firms is a little different from typical consumer marketing. First, the technology may be harder for the end customer to understand, so education is often an important part of the marketing efforts. Second, most technology products and their competitive landscape are constantly evolving, and your marketing has to adjust accordingly.

Because of these differences, marketing strategy is even more important for tech businesses than for other types of companies. You can’t afford to miss the mark in your messaging so that your audience has no idea what your product is or how it helps them, or stick with out-of-date marketing activities that worked five years ago but no longer do.

Keep reading to learn how to apply the top five marketing strategies for technology companies to your business:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Email marketing
  3. Influencer marketing
  4. Marketing to existing customers
  5. Remarketing

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Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

1. Content Marketing

Having high-quality content is the most fundamental marketing strategy for tech firms. Content can be written articles, blog posts, web pages, videos, infographics, images and screenshots, podcasts, etc.

Why is high quality, original content so important? Because without good content you’re unable to communicate your message to your audience. The other marketing strategies are irrelevant and a waste of time if you don’t have excellent content.

When deciding what content to produce, you need to put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes: What problems or needs do they have? What challenges are they facing? What information are they seeking? Create content that meets those needs, and make it unique and top quality.

Finally, you should create content in multiple formats, so you can appeal to the most diverse audience: written blogs, images, videos, infographics, etc.

If your technology product has a complex sales cycle with multiple stakeholders involved in the buying process, then make sure you have content that appeals to all the different roles and addresses their concerns.

2. Email Marketing

The second most important marketing strategy for most technology businesses is email marketing (particularly for B2B). When you are able to collect the emails of interested prospects (by having them sign up for a newsletter, for example), you have the ability and permission to communicate with them directly. That direct relationship is significantly more valuable than relying on the whims of third-party platforms (social media, search engines).

As soon as you plan your website and social landing pages for your company, make sure to include the ability for visitors to sign up to your mailing list. Offer a free piece of top-quality content (a downloadable ebook PDF, for example) in return for their email address.

3. Influencer Marketing

Technology products are often complex and may be hard for the individual buyer to fully understand in detail. As a result, technology buyers often look to thought leaders and influencers to tell them which products are the best, and which to avoid.

As you research your customer persona, consider which influencers they follow, which groups they participate in (for example, on LinkedIn or Facebook) and which websites or magazines they read.

Once you know the most important influencers in your market, develop a plan to build relationships with them over time, and look for opportunities for endorsements and recommendations.

4. Marketing to Existing Customers

You might think that once a prospect is a customer, they are no longer the target of marketing programs. This couldn’t be more wrong, especially when planning marketing strategies for technology companies.

Many technology businesses are moving to a subscription model, such as subscription software or software-as-a-service, and as a result you have to make sure your customer remains engaged and happy so they continue to subscribe to your product.

Even if you don’t offer a subscription, technology products become outdated and need updating, so current customers are your best future sales prospects, so long as your brand is top-of-mind when they’re ready to upgrade.

5. Remarketing

The final top strategy is remarketing (also called retargeting). You’ve seen remarketing in action when you’ve done a web search for a product that you’re interested in, and then when you go to Facebook you see posts and advertisements for that same product. How did Facebook know what you were searching for on Google or what websites you visited?  They didn’t… but the company was using remarketing ads to present their product to individuals who had already expressed interest in that item via a web search, visit to a website, etc.

With remarketing, you can present ads to visitors to your website after they have left your site, hopefully enticing them to come back, offering them a special deal, etc.

How do you Market a Tech Company?

Given these top marketing strategies for technology companies, how do you go about marketing your tech firm? It’s really quite simple:

  1. Understand your target customer
  2. Know their needs and challenges, and where they look for solutions
  3. Communicate your solution via crisp marketing messages
  4. Present your solution to the customer using the marketing strategies above
  5. Measure, rinse & repeat!

Planning Your Technology Marketing Strategies

It’s important to carefully plan marketing strategies for technology companies.  How your technology meets your customer’s needs has to be crystal clear.  And that has to be communicated to them in the channels where they are already active.

That’s why it’s so critical to write down your marketing strategy plan. We have a marketing plan template for a technology company that you can download here to get started.  Or follow these tips for writing your technology marketing plan.