Go To Market Strategy Template

The Go-to-Market Toolkit for Software Launch

This Go-to-Market Toolkit includes a go to market strategy template, "How to Launch Your Software" guide, detailed checklists and go-to-market plans that you can use to make sure your new software introduction is as successful as possible.

What are the Benefits of The Toolkit?

  • Easily create a professional plan to launch your software.
  • Save time by using our templates - the hard work is done for you!
  • No more headaches not knowing how to plan your marketing.
  • Free up your focus for important product development tasks rather than worrying about promotion.
  • Target your messages to the best prospects and channels to maximize your launch impact.

Toolkit Download

Go-to-Market Toolkit

basic VERSION - $49

  • Launch checklist one-pager
  • Go-to-market timeline template
  • Go-to-market strategy template 
  • Go-to-market plan template 
  • eGuide on "How to Launch Your Software"
  • Worksheets, planning tools, etc


  • 30 days of mentorship support (30-min Skype / email Q&A)

premium VERSION - $299

  • Launch checklist one-pager
  • Go-to-market timeline template
  • Go-to-market strategy template 
  • Go-to-market plan template
  • eGuide on "How to Launch Your Software"
  • Worksheets, planning tools, etc


  • 12-week training course via email
  • Monthly Skype, as needed, 3 months
  • 3 months unlimited email Q&A mentorship

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Don't Need the Full Go-to-Market Toolkit?

No problem! You can also download just the go-to-market checklist one-pager PDF for free if you sign up to our monthly free newsletter here.  The checklist will help you stay on track with your software launch planning, with specific activities for the two or three months leading up to launch.

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Need Some Extra Help with Your Go-to-Market Strategy?

I'm available for consulting help on a project basis, or for regular coaching calls if you just need a little extra assistance.  I can help you apply the go to market strategy template to your market or business situation.

Contact me for a custom quote to meet your specific needs.

What is Included in the Toolkit?

The Go-to-Market Toolkit is a complete package of templates (Powerpoint and Word formats), checklists, worksheets and more to help you plan a successful software launch.  It also comes with a 20-page Guide.

This toolkit can be used by anyone planning the launch of a new software product or service.  In developing the toolkit, we primarily had in mind micro-ISV’s (fewer than 10 employees), who usually do not have a full-time strategic marketing executive so it is often the company founder or someone else on the management team who ends up owning marketing. The goal of this toolkit is to make it easy to develop and execute a launch plan with little marketing background or bandwidth.

The toolkit includes:

1. Launch Checklist One-Pager

  • One-page PDF
  • Includes milestone activities and deliverables from 2-3 months before launch to post-launch
  • Print it out & use it to keep track of how you're doing on your go-to-market timeline

2. Launch timeline template

  • Detailed 3-page timeline checklist that you can customize to your needs
  • Microsoft Word format 
  • Includes specific activities for 2-3 months, 1 month, 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week before launch, at launch and post launch

3. Go to market strategy template 

  • 35-slide go to market strategy template
  • Microsoft Powerpoint format
  • Includes directions to complete / customize to your specific market

4. Go to market plan template 

  • 7-page template
  • Microsoft Word format
  • Includes directions to customize the plan for your needs

5. eGuide on "How to Launch Your Software"

  • 20-page guide with specific step-by-step instructions for planning your software or service launch using the go to market strategy template
  • PDF format

6. Worksheets & planning tools

  • Marketing strategy worksheet
  • Business case worksheet
  • SWOT analysis tool
  • Customer persona worksheet

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Go-to-Market Toolkit