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Email marketing can be a very cost-effective tool for software marketing. It is a low cost way to convey information about your company and its offerings, provide product updates and let people know about special events.

Check out the 3 top tips for successful email marketing from our guest author below.

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Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

There are a number of email marketing solutions available. One of the best I have found to be Constant Contact.

Email Marketing and Online Surveys by Constant Contact make it easy to connect with your customers. Better yet, you can try it FREE for 60 Days right now.

So why not test a new email marketing campaign with your target customers.

3 Crucial Ingredients to Successful Email Marketing
By Tim L Thompson

Email marketing allows you to reach out to various consumers across regions in a cost effective way. Email Internet marketing is a great marketing technique because it is a way of contacting consumers directly and gives the sense of being personalized or customized.

It can be sent across geographies at no extra cost and there is ample space to offer a wide range of information. Email marketing plays an important role in increasing conversions, since emails can be persuasive and also act as a reminder.

Conversions take place when a visitor to your website does something you want them to do, like placing an order for your product, filling out a form for free resources, downloading articles or even joining your email newsletter, etc.

You can try sending regular emails to your subscribers or visitors and make a note of how this activity has boosted conversion - either in sales or a targeted action you want your subscribers to take.

There are three very critical things that you should keep in mind to make your email marketing campaign more effective:

  • Keep your audience in mind - target the content of the email to your audience and make sure that the email will really deliver good value to your subscriber. The good value may be good quality content, a discount offer or even the opportunity to come to an offline event you are putting on. Understanding your market and giving them what they want in your emails will increase your conversions and overall give you a great result.
  • The subject line of your email should be gripping. It should be something that makes a person feel compelled to open the email. It could be a question, like Do you... Are you.... It could be something that people would find useful, such as Tips on..., A guide to... Learn how to... There are some words that you should avoid in the subject line. These words, like opportunity, amazing, profits and gains, could drive your email to the spam folder. Which ultimately means that no one gets to read your email, no matter how good the content or the offer
  • The email message should contain a call to action. The call to action should be clear and crisp and provide a link to take readers to the desired webpage. I would recommend trying to have 1 call to action, that you may repeat several times on the page. But what this does is keep your reader focused and does not allow them to get distracted clicking through to a whole lot of website addresses that may not get you a result. Now this obviously would depend on the email, but if it is sales focused, only give one call to action.

Apart from information and a call to action, the emails you send could offer discounts or may contain a puzzle or games to entice people to click the link.

HOT TIP: If you are sending out a regular email newsletter, try to only sell or promote something every 3-4 emails that you send out. Unless you are an online retail store or something similar, people may want to get quality information from you and not just be sold something every time they receive an email from you or your business.

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