Business Plan Templates for Software / Services Businesses

These business plan templates can make it easy to put together a winning software development business plan. Your business plan is your most important tool to optimize your business and your profits. It allows you to communicate the value of your business to potential investors and partners, so it is critical to your business success!

Featured Downloads

Software-as-a-Service Business Plan Template

A detailed business plan template for SaaS businesses.

Software Company Business Plan Template

An easy-to-use business plan for software product companies.

Software Marketing Plan Template

This marketing plan template is customized for software firms.

Check out our other software marketing downloads here.

Business Planning Consulting Services:
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However, it can be a real challenge to create a compelling business plan from scratch... Where do you start? It can seem overwhelming to a small business or startup, when there are so many variables: industry (horizontal, vertical), competitors, product approach (software or service, free or licensed, etc), pricing, distribution strategy... the considerations seem to go on forever. And naturally, no one likes to reinvent the wheel.

Having the right tools is the key to developing a professional, concise and compelling plan. Here is my selection of some of the most valuable business plan templates and tools to use to put together your software development business plan.

TemplateZONE's OfficeReady Business Plan

Templates give you a complete toolset to create a winning business plan. It includes templates, sample business plans, spreadsheet tools and an eBook on how to write a business plan.

This NoLo guide on How to Write a Business Plan is a real time saver. I've personally used a number of NoLo guides, and always found them extremely valuable with actionable information not padded with fluff.

How to Write a Business Plan

How to Write a Business Plan

Everything you need to create a business forecast that potential investors can embrace!. Thinking of starting a business or raising money to expand an existing one? This popular book will show you how to write the business plan and loan package necessary to finance your business and make it work.

If you're concerned with having the right legalese in place, then offers Premium Legal Forms

including a very reasonable Business Plan Forms Package with not only a business plan template, but also a confidentiality agreement (to use with those partners you want to share your business plan with) and a number of worksheets to put together the business plan. (Search their Legal Forms page

for "Business Plan Forms Combo Package" and you will find it).

We also have a sample business plan which you can use as a starting point for your software business planning which is available free. Or if you would prefer it in Microsoft Word version, send an email requesting the sample business plan to

To get the most out of these templates, follow the tips and advice in our sections on software business models, and tips for developing the strategic plan for your business.

Finally, if you find you need additional assistance with adapting this business plan to your business, or just need a second set of eyes to take a look over it and provide some recommendations, we do provide very reasonable fixed price and custom consulting services on software/services business planning. Please see our Consulting Services section for more detail and contact information.

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