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Software Marketing Advisor Jun-2021 newsletter: Marketing Funnel Strategies
June 10, 2021

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Welcome to the June 2021 issue of The Software Marketing Advisor, a JoLees Solutions newsletter.

This month's topic is Marketing Funnels - do you have one (if not, why not?), and what are the best marketing strategies to fill the funnel for technology companies. Check out the links to the articles below.

The SaaS Marketing Funnel

Marketing and sales funnels are important, so whether you run a SaaS, software or other tech company, check out this article for some step-by-step guidance on planning a successful funnel that drives leads and sales.
A basic marketing funnel has four stages: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA).

First, you get a prospect's attention.

Second, they show interest in your product.

Third, they desire your product.

Fourth, they take action and purchase your product.

A good marketing funnel is the backbone of any successful sales and marketing program, but there are some unique aspects for SaaS and software firms to consider. Read more about the SaaS marketing funnel here.

Top Marketing Strategies for Tech Firms

The best marketing strategies for technology companies are those that communicate the benefit of your technology solution to the audience that most needs it, in language that really resonates with them.

Marketing strategy for tech firms is a little different from typical consumer marketing. First, the technology may be harder for the end customer to understand, so education is often an important part of the marketing efforts. Second, most technology products and their competitive landscape are constantly evolving, and your marketing has to adjust accordingly.

Because of these differences, marketing strategy is even more important for tech businesses than for other types of companies. Keep reading for the top 5 marketing strategies for technology companies.

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Joanna Lees
Principal, JoLees Solutions
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