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Software Business Advisor Feb-2019 newsletter: Go-to-Market resources
February 28, 2019

Welcome to the February 2019 issue of The Software Business Advisor, a newsletter from This month's feature is the new Go-to-Market Toolkit - full of templates and resources to help with planning a successful software launch.

Feb'19 - Marketing resources to improve your TTM

In this issue we give you a few key resources to really target your marketing and improve the TTM (Time To Market) for new product introductions:

  1. NEW: Introducing the Go-to-Market Toolkit for Software Launches - 20% off for newsletter subscribers, until 3/8
  2. Refine Your Software Marketing Plan
  3. FREE Go-to-Market Checklist Download

1. NEW: Go-to-Market Toolkit - Download yours now!

I have just published a brand new template package: the Go-to-Market Toolkit, and it's 20% off for newsletter subscribers, but just until the end of next week! You can get more information on the Go-to-Market Toolkit here.

Use this link to get your 20% discount on the Go-to-Market Toolkit at PayPal for newsletter subscribers until March 8 only!

Why do you need a Go-to-Market plan? Well, if you're planning a new software or service launch, you need to map out your go-to-market strategy to maximize the impact of your launch.

Even IT consultants and freelancers need a go-to-market plan. Why? Your expertise IS your product - what better way of letting potential clients know about you than launching your services like any other product introduction? I'll be writing more on that topic in the next newsletter...

The Go-to-Market Toolkit includes a go-to-market strategy template, "How to Launch Your Software" guide, checklists and go-to-market plans that you can use to make sure your new software introduction is as successful as possible.

How does the Toolkit help you?

  • Makes it easy to create a professional plan to launch your software.
  • Saves you time so you can focus on important product development tasks rather than worrying about promotion.
  • Solves those headaches about not knowing how to plan your marketing.
  • Helps you target your messages to the best prospects and channels to maximize your launch impact.

Keep reading to learn more.

2. Refine your software marketing plan

If you sell software or software services, then you need a strong software marketing plan: A crisp, concise strategy for how you communicate your software's benefits to your target audience, and drive them to the all-important purchase decision.

How can you plan your software marketing strategy? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. REALLY understand your ideal target customer - there is nothing more important than having a detailed, clear picture in your head of the exact type of prospect that is your best (i.e., most profitable) customer. All your marketing messages should speak to THAT customer's needs and wants.
  2. Have a strong pricing strategy - do some research to understand what your target market CAN and WILL pay to solve their need, and offer a few different options/versions (plan email sequences to upsell from entry-level to higher-end versions),
  3. Target your messages - make a list of the needs, questions, concerns that your ideal target customer has. Figure out the best way to position your product to address those needs as clearly and concisely as possible,
  4. Most important: FOCUS - a strong, tight niche is much more profitable than a broad, unfocused marketing approach, particularly for startups. Keep your eye on the needs of your ideal target customers, and serve them first.

Keep reading for more about developing your software marketing plan.

3. FREE Go-to-Market Checklist Download

In our last newsletter, I outlined a go-to-market checklist for staying on track with planning your marketing leading up to a software launch. I've refined those steps into a one-page checklist. You can download the FREE one-page GTM checklist here.

This is also included in the Go-to-Market Toolkit, along with a more detailed version that you can customize. But if all you need is the one-page checklist to remind you of the promotion planning activities that are needed leading up to launch, then please download it at the link above - FREE for all newsletter subscribers.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this newsletter and tell me what you think!

Joanna Lees

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