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A strong sales proposal is critical for your software sales success. Starting with a good proposal template can be a big timesaver.

First, check out our article on writing a focused proposal to sell your software solution.

Second, you can also use our proposal outline below.

If needed, we can review your software proposal and provide input to assist you refine it to increase your software sales. Check here for this and other fixed-price service offerings.

Software Proposal Template

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Version X, DATE


Table of Contents

1.       ExecutiveSummary. 2

2.       Background. 2

3.       CurrentState. 2

4.       Approach. 2

5.       Benefitsto . 2

6.       Implementation. 2

7.       Timeline. 2

8.       Deliverables. 2

9.       Fees. 2




Includeyour executive summary here.  Nomore than one page.  This mustinclude:

o       Statement of customer problem or need (pain point)

o       Summary of your product or proposed solution (stick tothe points that specifically address the pain point)

o       Describe the benefits to the customer (be as quantitativeas possible)



Describethe customer background and customer problem or need.



3.    Current State


Describethe customer’s current environment: what solution are they using now? What is working well?  Whatis not working so well?




Brieflydescribe your proposed product deployment or service you are proposing.  Don’t reproduce your product datasheets here, just describe it in terms that the customer can relate to (directlyaddressing the need above), addressing the points from the previous section.




Explicitlyand concisely describe the benefits of the proposed solution to the customer,in bulleted form:

·        Benefit #1,

·        Benefit #2,

·        Benefit #3.




Coverat a high level the process and timeline to implement the proposedsolution.  Don’t go into moredetail here than you need to to make the sale (save that for the project planlater).  Include any resourcerequirements that you will need from the customer.





Summarizethe timeline for the proposed implementation (briefly).




List any explicit deliverables from the proposedengagement or implementation.  What areyou the vendor responsible for, and what is the customer responsible for?   Are there any third partydependencies?




Includeall relevant fees here:  licensefees, service fees, consulting fees, etc.






In your appendix (if needed) you can includeadditional detail about your product, detail about service methodologies,customer case studies, or individual bios if relevant.



– END –



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