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Sign up for our 7-Step Marketing Toolkit to get the software marketing help you need.  Not only will you have access to all our templates and business/marketing plans, but our membership programs also include coaching, training, weekly tips, and helpful master classes.

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Pricing starts at just $47/month. You can choose the membership level you want to get the software marketing help you need.

As a Basic member, you get access to all our downloadable plans and templates (business plans, marketing plans, proposal template), training, weekly tips, discount on consulting services, plus email mentoring to help you stay on track.

Choose the Bronze membership if you want a little more help. As a Bronze member, in addition to the above you will get weekly group coaching and a monthly individual coaching session.

If you need more software marketing help, then sign up as a Silver member, which includes biweekly coaching as well as the group coaching, and help with your market strategy and marketing plan.

Finally, we can also manage your marketing for you if you sign up as a Gold member, which gives you access to our retained marketing services such as social media management, PR campaigns, and marketing writing/posting.

So whatever your software marketing help needed, we have you covered.  Visit the 7-Step Marketing Toolkit page to sign up.


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