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Recent Articles

  1. Defining & Marketing Niche Software: Finding a Niche, Software Marketing Focus

    Feb 27, 17 03:33 PM

    Marketing niche software can be a recipe for success by keeping the focus on addressing a specific usage and market really, really well. Read this article to learn how.

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  2. Business Plan Writing for Software Companies in a Service-Oriented World

    Feb 27, 17 02:47 PM

    Guidance and examples to help you write a business plan for your software/services company considering new services business models.

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  3. Big Data: Business Opportunity for Software Companies

    Feb 27, 17 02:21 PM

    The challenge of "big data" represents a significant business opportunity for software companies today. Firms with expertise in data analysis, storage, or search can take advantage of this new wave.

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